Group of skiers

To have guests that are raving fans

It is important to us that the consumer participates. The study is mainly concerned with questions about its satisfaction in the ski area and what is important in the selection process of the winter sports region. Surveys in the ski resorts have been carried out for 10 years now. In the past few years we have reached a level of about 50,000 people who give us their feedback.



The approach is to provide the ski resorts with high-quality information, which is an important basis for decision-making and further developments.


The ski resorts are evaluated every 2 years with the independent study Best Ski Resort. The guests are being interviewed directly within the ski resort. This means that the participating regions have a meaningful study that not only honors their performance, but is the basis from which the destinations can be further developed in order to be able to provide the guests with more pleasure in coming winter seasons.


Bericht Ländle TV vom 10.11.2016